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Lydd, All Saints’ – Building Works

Members will be very aware of the significant restoration work required at All Saints’ which was identified during their last quinquennial. All Saints’ has not undergone a major restoration since the 1950s when, following war damage, the chancel had to be entirely rebuilt and on that occasion, the costs were funded mainly by the town itself.

The most urgent work includes retiling the south aisle roof, repairs to the stonework on the south aisle west window and most critically, the south wall where inadequate drainage arrangements had left the brickwork and masonry completely saturated. Over time, the entire roof of All Saints’ will require re-roofing and at today’s prices, the cost of the whole project is likely to be in excess of £500,000 of which approximately one third will be spent on the current projects.

Although an application for Heritage Lottery funding was unsuccessful, grants of £98,000 from the Listed Places of Worship Roof Fund and £55,000 from this Trust, together with a contribution from the Friends of Lydd Church, has enabled the urgent work to get underway. The retiling of the south aisle roof and the re-routing of the rainwater drains away from the building is essentially complete although redecoration will have to wait until the masonry has dried out sufficiently. Work on the west window has been delayed due to problems in sourcing the necessary stone (a similar issue delayed work on the west window at Ivychurch) but it is hoped that this phase of the project will be completed by the late Autumn.

The condition of the leaded windows is also a concern and investigations are in hand to identify those in most need of renovation. The Trust has allocated £34,600 to enable the parish to deal with the most urgent work and it is hoped that work will start next year.

Members’ Tours

There are two members  tours each year visiting two Marsh churches in the morning and a further two after lunch. Joan Campbell and Elizabeth Marshall took the tours as usual in July and September to the same churches; East Guldeford and Old Romney, then Brenzett and Snargate. Dates for the 2017 tours will be notified next year.

Snave Harvest Festival

The church of St Augustine, Snave has been redundant since 1983. It is held in trust for the people of Snave and for the nation. Its Trustees are the Lord of the Manor of Court at Wick, and the Chairman of Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust.

It is maintained wholly under the aegis of Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust. There is an annual thanksgiving service held at 3pm on the second Sunday in September (10 September 2017) to which all are welcome.

A splendid traditional Latin Mass, organised by the Latin Mass Society was held at Snave in 2015. It was probably the first such service since the Reformation almost 500 years ago and will be long remembered by all present. The Latin Mass Society held a Latin Mass again in September 2016

Ivychurch, St George – Rebuilding the west window

When in 2008, a hail storm was responsible for breaking over 50 small panes of glass in the west end windows, the erection of scaffolding enabled a close examination of the structure which revealed that the great west window was in a very poor state of preservation. Throughout the years, weathering and other damage had been patched in order to maintain the window’s integrity and in some areas there is presently more ‘patch’ than original.

Structural stabilisation will require complete rebuilding of mullions and tracery and it appears that few of the original stones can be retained in that process. The outer frame stones and hood moulds are also severely decayed. Partial stone replacement would create a permanent imbalance between new and retained stones and so the case has been made for full restoration.

The full cost of restoration has been estimated at £130,000. In 2012 and 2013, the Trust made grants totalling £43,000 of which £39,000 is outstanding. Following a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the remaining funds, a Faculty was granted in July 2016 so that restoration work can commence in the near future.

General view of the west window

General view of the west window

Close up view of weathering

Close up view of weathering