Lydd, All Saints – Building Works

All work identified in the last quinquennial (2013) has now been completed and was appreciated by those attending this year’s AGM.

Essentially this work consisted on retiling the complete south aisle, routing the rainwater drains away from the building and rebuilding the west window of the south aisle. This project was completed at the end of 2016 and the total cost was £184,000 financed by £89,000 from Listed Places of Worship (Roof) Fund, £65,000 from the Trust and £30,000 VAT reclaim. The building now has a secure roof and the water is being routed away from the south wall allowing the stonework to dry ready for redecoration at a later stage.

This work is part of the much bigger project of the re-roofing of the whole of All Saints and in the longer term, both nave and north aisle roofs will need attention. However, it is judged that the next priority is much needed maintenance of the leaded windows which will involve both glazing and stone repairs/refurbishment. The Trust has allocated £25,000 to All Saints’ to allow a full assessment and costing of the necessary work and to carry out the most urgent repairs. The assessment phase of the work commenced in April 2017 and it is expected that a detailed programme with costings will be available by early summer to allow the most urgent work to proceed. It is anticipated that further funds will be required to complete this work which we would expect to extend into 2018.

Old Romney, St Clements – Various Repairs

Work has started on repairs required under the Quinquennial report being repairing internal wall, plaster and mould and repainting plus work to exterior drainage and windows. As a result the church will be closed to the end of June. The Trust has made grants totalling £27,000 for this work.

Brookland, St Augustine – Restoration of Chuchyard Tombs

A project to restore eight, mainly 18th century, tombs in the churchyard at St Augustine’s, Brookland has begun. It is expected that the work on the first two monuments will be completed by the end of June 2017. Work will then begin on the remaining six monuments. The total cost of the project will amount to £30,730, all of which will be met by the Trust, apart from £1,500 contributed by Kent County Council.

Ivychurch, St George – Rebuilding of West Window

Work on the rebuilding of the west window at Ivychurch is finally about to commence.
The first lorry load of ragstone had been shipped from the quarry at Barming (near Maidstone) to the stone masons who are planning to remove the original window during May. As the accompanying image illustrates, the stonework is in an extremely precarious state and its removal will require great skill as there is concern that once removed, the stonework above may be weakened. The Canterbury Archaeological Trust inform us that the replacement of the Ivychurch window is very much a ‘first’ for the diocese as there are no records of other complete medieval windows being replaced.

Just before Easter, work on the installation of the new toilet and kitchen was finally completed as part of the first phase on reordering the western part of the north aisle. This will help make St George’s a far more attractive venue for future social and cultural activities.

The turret roof to the tower has also been made watertight and at the same time the weather vane has been removed for attention. Unfortunately the top three feet was found to be rotten and requires replacement as do the four Cardinal Points which had weathered beyond repair.